Change your choices, change your life

Change your choices, change your life

Change your choices, change your lifeChange your choices, change your lifeChange your choices, change your life

Let us help you build the healthy life you deserve!

It's time to make your health and wellness a priority

It's time to find the real JOY in your life.

  No more excuses! 

Take this important step to regain your health and live your best life. Your health is too important to start and stop again.

Make your health and wellness a priority. If you can't keep up with your grandchildren, or are feeling the effects of long-term neglect of your health, you need to start using the worksheets on page 2.

What will you do to regain your health? Keep trying different diets, only to gain more weight? Join the gym, but don’t go? Keep buying larger clothes?

Julie Luedtke will introduce you to simple steps to help you live your best life. She has used these steps in her classes to help women over 55 create their own successful health and wellness plans to last a lifetime. Every day, Julie utilizes the steps she shares in this book to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

It’s time to find the JOY in your life.

As a woman over the age of 55, it’s time for you to enjoy a vibrant, active lifestyle. You put the needs of others first for many years. Now it is time to put you first!

Your health and happiness are worth the effort. Take back your health. Play with your grandchildren. Enjoy a new outlook on life. Experience more energy and self-esteem.

Are you ready to take this exciting step in your life’s journey?



Would you like to visit the Grand Canyon and be strong enough  to experience the magnificent view?

Get Started following these simple steps


Regain and maintain your health

Regaining and maintaining your health can be achieved in simple steps. The hardest part is taking the first step.

1. Think about your "WHY"

Why is it important for you to regain and maintain your health. What motivates you?

2. Use the worksheets on page 2

Download and use the worksheets on the following page to start your health and wellness journey. They are free and there is no hidden charge. If you want more information, download the book Healthy After 55 - Live Your Best Life on

3. Be selfish

It's time to think about  YOU. You've put everyone else in your life first for all these years. Now, think about you and what is important to you.

4. Embrace the JOY in your life

JOY is a crucial part of the success in your health and wellness journey. Discover the essence of JOY.

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Learn from an expert

Lifestyle Guidance


My own journey to finding a healthy lifestyle after 55 has given me insight  into the many challenges women encounter. I am here to help you regain and maintain your health after 55. 

Wellness Experience


Extensive experience allows me to guide you through the journey to healthy and wellness. My success stories reflect my ability to help women improve  their health and achieve the lifestyle they deserve.  

Active Coaching


My education and training completes my coaching arsenal. I am here to  provide you with simple steps to  achieve your goal of a healthy lifestyle.